Charity Services

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We recognise the unique nature of your organisation.

Ever-changing regulations, funding requirements and industry climates are all closely monitored as part of the complete accounting and business planning service we offer your organisation.

From extensive experience working with charities and not-for-profit organisations, BresnanWalsh can provide your organisation practical solutions in:

  • Business Planning: Become financially secure, business-aware, and
    on the cutting-edge of your industry (more?).
  • Accountancy: Understand and control your own budgets, accounts and efficiency to become financially secure and stable (more?) .
  • Structure: Modernise your organisation – secure jobs and streamline roles.
  • Governance: Enhance fund-raising, ensure your charity is fully
    compliant and review existing processes.
  • Strategy: Optimise your organisation with mergers,
    partnerships and commercial trading.

These issues apply just as much to charities as to any commercial organisation. We understand that charities are really businesses with a very particular ethos.

For further information on Charity Services or to discuss your requirements in person, please contact Peter Taaffe.